By the grace of Rayar, I had the privilige of being in Mantralaya on 02-Sep-09 and 03-Sep-09. Some of the images that I have been able to capture are given below:

(Mangalarthi to the Moola brindavana on 02-Sep afternoon):


(Rathothsava clippings on 02-Sep night – The image clarity is not that good since I had taken it from my mobile camera)


(Maha mangalarthi to the moola brindavana on 02-Sep night after the rathothsava):

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  1. @Jan 04, 2010

    H.H. Sri Ragotamar, one of the most popular Madva saints, has his moola brindavana in Thirukovilur in Tamil Nadu (close to Villupuram). Every year his aradana is celebrated in a grand manner on the danur masa dwadasi day (a day after ‘vaikunta ekadasi’). This year it fell on 29-Dec-09 and as always it was celebrated in a grand manner in all temples where his brindavanam was there.

    A glimpse of one of the aradana celebrations in one such place last month can be seen in the following youtube video:

    Hari Sarvotamma Vayu jivotama Guru Vijoyatama

    Sarvam Sri Krishnar panamastu


  2. The following are some of the interesting links that I frequently visit or update based on my observations:

    a) The official Sri Raghavendraswamy mutt website at:


    b) A handy reference to Dvaita philosophy:


    c) My personal experiences (or miracles, I should say) that I have experienced with our Guru Rayar. While this link talks about the experiences of last one year alone approximately and that too mostly about the incidents in getting this work up and running, there are a lot of other experiences in the last 2 decades that I have been fortunate in realizing him….



  3. By the grace of Sri Hari, Vayu and Guru Rayar, had the pleasure of being in Mantralayam at the beginning of this month – on 5th and 6th May. At that time, one of the pictures that I had taken when Mangalarthi was performed to the moola brindavanam can be viewed below:

    Please see this short video and get the blessings of Sri Hari, Vayu and Gurugalu….

    Sarvam Krishnar panamastu


  4. By the grace of Sri Guru Rayar, on the completion of our father’s abdik ceremonies, had an opportunity to visit Mantralayam on 23-Jun and 24-Jun (Saturday and Sunday). Some of the videos that was shot by my daughter in mobile phone among the jostling by the huge crowds during our short trip to Mantralayam are in youtube with these URL’s:

    Saturday evening Rathothsava:

    Saturday night Unjal of Prahladrajaru:

    Sunday morning Purna seva of Prahladrajaru:


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