This page details the approximate expenses incurred in the construction of Guru Raghavendra brindavanam project near Kanchipuram

Last updated on: 09-Nov-2011

S.No.    Description                                                                                                   Expenses (in INR)

1           Cost of ~20,ooo sq.ft. land                                                                             1,100,000
2           Property documention expenses                                                                        75,000
3           Operational expenses from 01-May-09 @ Rs.2000 p.m.                          60,000
4           Cost of the compound wall construction                                                      2,80,000
5           Planting of various seeds/plants with labor expenses                                   5,000

6           Initial pooja/homa expenses                                                                               30,000

7          Architect expenses for drawings(till date)                                                       68,000

8          Layout of shed for storing of materials and stay of workers                       90,000

9          Labour charges for the work done till now                                                   5,75,000

10        Raw materials bought till now (Steel+Cement+Sand+Jelly)                  7,50,000

Total                                                                                                                                30,33,000

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